Saturday, 24 September 2011


Sorry for the late blog. I had to get a new lead for my laptop. All back on now though.
I had a lovely day on Thursday with my friend Chrissy.

We went to Plymouth station to get a train. Chrissy was parking her car when she said to me "what is he doing putting his fingers up?" A man and woman in the car behind us were very agitated. He was making fingers walking gestures at us and mouthing you can walk. Then the woman got out of the car and asked who was disabled and did we have a badge? Bloody cheek, I told them I did and yes we did have a badge. We then turned our back on them and went into the station. some people are just so rude and don't think you can have a badge unless your legs aren't working. Well you two, you'd be surprised to know that lots of people have the use of their legs but not other parts of their body. Chrissy was furious but it wasn't going to spoil our day. I wasn't quick enough, when he said you can walk I should have looked down at my legs and shouted "it's a miracle, I can walk!"

We got to the station in time for 11:30am and then found that the train had left at 11am. We went to Calstock in Cornwall. We both reminisced about walking along the rail way line on the black bridge over the river Tamar when we were teenagers. Not something I would recommend as it is very dangerous. It was a lovely day, such a quiet little place and changed a bit from when I used to go to Calstock on my school trips.

Yesterday was a quiet day. Kieran is back to school and seems happy enough now.
I am looking forward to next week as it is my 4th Meso UK conference and I have been asked to say a few words about the warriors. I am also looking forward to seeing my lovely warrior friends again although there are some that will be sadly missed who were there last year.

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