Thursday, 22 September 2011

Calstock trip.

The weather has been pretty good the last few days. Kieran is now back to school after admitting he was having problems at school again and making himself poorly.
Yesterday I went in the city centre and met my friend, Carolyn. We had a great time just chilling out and, of course, ended up in Thornton's coffees shop.
Today I am off to Calstock with my friend, Chrissy. We are having a train journey there and then lunch. I haven't been to Calstock for a while, I hope the weather holds out.
I have been feeling very nauseous the past few days. The pain in my right side has disappeared and this makes me think even more that the gall stones (Mick and Keith) are still playing up. I haven't heard anything from the Dr so will wait till next week and then get in touch.
Talking of next week, I am off to my 4th Mesothelioma UK conference on 1st October in London. I have been asked to talk again about the Meso Warriors and what they stand for.
I am asking all warriors to have input in this and put their views across on what they get from it. There have been some wonderful comments. Being a warrior isn't just being on Facebook, it is email, phone, letter and much more media that is used to support. We have grown into a great family who look after each other..... Wonderful, be very proud of yourself people x x

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