Sunday, 18 September 2011

Charity shop shock!!

One charity shop outfit, was £299 and now reduced to £170!!!

I went into town with my friend, Chrissy. She made me lunch at her house and then we went in to meet Jayne and Viki. We went to one of the local charity shops and saw what we thought was a hideous outfit. The price tag was shocking. It was priced at £299 and reduced to £170. What is happening to charity shops these days? They seem to have lost the whole point of what their goal is. Charity is mainly second hand things. This outfit was second hand as the label was half way off.
We carried on around town, lurking in and out of many charity shops. I found a lovely top for Siobhan and enjoyed the fun we had. I wasn't feeling at my best today. The gall stones (Keith and Mick) are playing up. When I got home I had a lot of pain and was sick. I didn't have anything to eat as I felt nauseous and usually if I don't eat, the pain goes. I had a call the day before from the Dr's secretary and am hoping I get an appointment very soon to sort it out.
I haven't taken pain killers for about a week but last night i had to. I was nearly in tears with the pain. Thinking of it now, I probably didn't have Kieran's bug, I think it was Mick and Keith again.
Kieran is with his dad today and home later, back to school tomorrow.

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