Monday, 12 September 2011

Great day on the Hoe.

Michael Collings playing up on the Hoe.
Chrissy and I looking a bit wind swept : )
My great grandfather's name (John Henry Littlejohns) on the plaque on the Hoe.

I went on to Plymouth Hoe yesterday with my gorgeous friend, Chrissy. It was the Americas cup and a big event was taking place. We didn't get there till late but managed to catch Michael Collins (Britain's got talent) on stage. He was very good and we could have listened to him singing for a very long time. We then went and got a cup of coffee, Chrissy was tickled by the fact that I had to hold onto my wig as it was very windy : )
On our way back we looked at the huge monument on the Hoe and I told Chrissy that my great grandfather's name was on it. She suggested we find it, and we did. I feel so honoured to see his name on the plaque. It was lovely day, the rain kept off which was good.
We then went on to visit friends and I eventually got back home at 8:30pm! So much for having a roast for tea, Rich and I had something else, we are having our roast tonight : )

Kieran didn't go to school today as he said he wasn't feeling well, he is going back tomorrow and next week there is another annual review of his statement and his medical.

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