Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mick and Keith, your days are numbered!!!

I went to my Dr's surgery today and asked if I could have the phone number for the secretary of the gall bladder Dr. I was given his number, or so I thought. I rang them and said I hadn't heard anything from them. I was told I was on a list to have the op done. I asked if it was the NHS list and was told 'yes', I told them I would be going private and was met with "when the Dr's secretary tells them I have a private appointment, I will be removed from the list". I asked for the Dr's direct number, called it and told that secretary what I had been told. She said I shouldn't be on an NHS list and would look into it for me. Later in the afternoon I got a call back to say I would be having the op done within the next 2 weeks.....at last!!!
I have had so much pain and discomfort this past couple of weeks that I will be glad to get this sorted out for good. Theo has been wonderful, no issues at all, even Frederick (the TOF) has been behaving although I do feel I need a dilatation again. I am hoping I can get back to work once Mick and Keith (the gall STONES) have been evicted. : )

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