Sunday, 4 September 2011


Rachael and her awful gown.
Nicole looking good in her bad dress.
Neeta with her Pollyanna does miner look. This dress is a Laura Ashley one believe it or not!!
Avis and her beast of an outfit.
Paula looking glam in her terrible creation.
Chrissy modelling the new line in overalls and her shoes she Gok'd herself!!
Clare in her, 'come to bed number' yes....well, say no more Clare!
Me with my vampish creation, a real nightmare!
Jayne in her Wizard of Oz dress. Dorothy's wardrobe gone bad!

Rachael announces the winner..... by a large vote ... it is .......

Last night was fabulous. My friends and I have been searching for an ugly dress for weeks now and the photo's above will show you some of the best that were found.
Jayne was voted as having the ugliest dress but she did have a very close second in Anita's dress. Clare was unhappy about losing the crown to Jayne and stole her tiara. It was all good fun.

I am feeling so much better and hoping it is the treatment that is making me feel so well. Having great friends and family is also a help. I still have a pain in my right side but sure that is to do with Mick and Keith, the stones.
I will see my GP about it next week.

All the ugly dresses featured will be put on ebay and proceeds will be going to Theo's holiday fund. The night was for Theo's fund too, I have such wonderful friends x Thank you so much all of you for your hard work and a great night.

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