Saturday, 17 September 2011

What to do today?

Kieran has been borrowing games from Love film and has rang me this morning to see if the latest game has arrived. I got down stairs and saw it had so I will be taking that out to him today as he is staying with his dad till tomorrow. He will be back to school on Monday.
I am off to lunch at my friend Chrissy's today. We may take a wonder on the Hoe again. The weather isn't bad at all.
I am feeling a lot better, the gall stones (Mick and Keith) have been playing up again. My notes have been on the Dr's secretaries desk since the 3rd August as she says she has been waiting to hear if the clip has been done...... Mmmmmmmm....... Maybe telepathy would be a good tool to have at times : ) She didn't seem to know much about my underlying condition with my lungs. She told me I didn't have the last treatment as I had a chest infection. That wasn't the case, I told her I was in the Nuffield and the Dr's thought it safer to be in Derriford, the local hospital as they had all they needed there if there were any complications due to Theo. Has she actually read anything?
She is now going to speak to the Dr who will be doing the op. I am hoping it isn't around 1st October as I am not going to miss the meso conference. I am so looking forward to seeing my warrior friends in the flesh.
Nothing from the wig corner yet, they have agreed to give me back the cost of the wig. I have a hairstyle that can be described as Baldrick's style : )
I won't get anymore wigs now as I won't be able to get them altered. This place was the only one in Plymouth.

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