Monday, 26 September 2011

What a weekend.


Stork checking out the damage.

Well....Mick and Keith (My gall stones) have been stomping around all weekend. I will speak to my GP again about getting them sorted out. About time they retired!!

We heard a strange noise yesterday afternoon and saw that part of the back garden wall has caved in. It doesn't look like it had any foundations under it and all the rain has weakened it. Who ever built it just threw a few bricks up to keep the level back, I don't know how long it had been like that. It has a fence on top which feel into the neighbours garden, thank goodness the children weren't out there. I have got someone coming out to look at it this week. I would think a new wall all the way along the garden is needed. I hope no more falls down. The cats were afraid to go into the garden, they knew something was wrong. they have been a bit edgy today as well so I hope they aren't sensing any more is going to fall.

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