Thursday, 1 September 2011


I picked my wigs up yesterday, didn't try them on in the shop as the girls were so busy. Got home after my morning out with Mary, which was lovely by the way. I put them on, one fitted perfectly,
The other was too small. The girl in the shop had taken out too many strips. I rang this morning and told them it was too small and was told to bring them back. I went in, met my friend Maria on the way. I had the fitting and showed the girl how small it was now, she agreed and said she would put a couple of strips back in. She said she would call me when she has done it. I have contacted the main shop on facebook and am currently waiting for the boss to call.
I went in to see my nephew after I took the wig in. He has a little son who has just turned 1. Where does the time go? He is so gorgeous, looks just like his daddy when he was that age.

Kieran is with his dad tonight, Siobhan is out with her friends and Rich is STILL in Ireland. I am off out with the girlies tonight to watch a film and have a bite to eat, Not an Indian restaurant this time!!!

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