Thursday, 20 October 2011

1,500th post since October 2006!!!!

Kieran was a real misery this morning, we had no internet so he left the house in a really bad mood.
It is all back on now, I did ring virgin media and was told that it would be Wednesday when an engineer would come out, this didn't bode well with Kieran.

I have now written 1,500 blogs on this site, wow!!! I never would have thought I would have done that many, I hope I get to see it into the 2000's.

Yesterday was a little hard, still reeling from losing Ronny and then being told I have stage 3 kidney failure was a shock too.
I am going to pick myself up though as there are others in a lot worse position than me. One of my best friends is on a transplant waiting list. She does her own dialysis at home between 3 and 4 times a day. She is called Mandy and she is a real fighter. She smiles and gets on with her life and doesn't let the dialysis get in her way. She has her off days, as we all do, but she is so inspirational to me even before I found out about the kidney failure.
Today I amy actually get to use my washing machine again. The engineer is coming out to fix it, I hope. I have a build up of washing from last Tuesday, I have been hand washing in between, how did my ancestor cope? I suppose we are all spoilt in this day and age, got too many gadgets to use that take a lot of the housework chore away.
After the machine is fixed, I am hoping to go to Kieran's school for parents evening. He is helping out by showing parents to class rooms. He will love that, he does love being in charge
: )

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