Monday, 10 October 2011

Another week begins.

Sambuca coffee liquor given at the end of the night. I didn't have one as I was driving.
Jayne and Viki.
Chrissy with her babies, Lee and Rachael.
Neeta, Chrissy and Clare.

I went out on Saturday night to celebrate my friend, Chrissy's birthday. We had a lovely meal and then in the pub to finish off the night.
The garden wall is nearly finished. Chrissy's son Lee is building it with a couple of friends. Such a pain building it in the rain!!
Today I am waiting in for the washing machine man. The paddles on the drum decided they had worked hard enough and came off. The machine is only 10 months old.
Rich will be moving out on Saturday to start a new life in Ireland with his lady. I know I will be upset on the day, I am going to Bristol with him and his dad to wave him off : (
Will miss him so much but I will be gaining a bedroom out of it as I have been in the box room which will now be Kieran's room. The boys had the master bedroom. Not bad, after 6 years of waiting : ) I will be bed hunting, I love my single bed and will get my new one from the same place I bought that one.

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