Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Back from the hospital.....

..... I had all my tests done MRSA, height, weight, heart, lungs and blood test. While talking to me the Dr mentioned a kidney disease. I told her I didn't have kidney disease and she said it was on the print out from my Dr's surgery. Sure enough, in black and white is says 'Chronic kidney disease stage 3'. I couldn't believe it. Also on the print out is a proocedure in March 2010 called a cystoscopy. This is an investigation of the kidneys I believe. I have never had that done either. After the hospital I went straight to my Dr's surgery and asked them what was going on with the print out. I was told the cystoscopy was a typo, it should read endoscopy and the kidney failure stage 3 was on my notes. Why have I not been told? I will bring this up when I see my GP next, obviously no one thought it was important enough.

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