Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bye bye Rich : (

Off to Ireland to start his new life with Kerri and her children x x
Rich and I, don't know what is going on with those boots, look like waders!!

Rich and his dad.

I got up early yesterday morning to go to Bristol with Rich and his dad. I know he is all grown up now and has a life of his own to discover but, being a mum, I felt so sad that he was leaving. He had a bad start at birth as he was born unable to swallow which gave us a close bond. We got through 7 years of hell with choking and dilatations. Being 14 was not good, he was a bit naughty but still not as bad as some parents have to put up with and it is normal to be 14 and obnoxious.
Now, at 22, he has met a girl who he adores and she adores him and they seem very happy. I will miss him so much but know I can go and visit him whenever I can. And so starts another chapter
: )

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