Monday, 31 October 2011

First day out in my little car since Thrusday.

Having a coffee in town.
The ice rink it back in the city centre again. I love seeing this, it means Christmas isn't far away and it gives the centre the festive feeling.

I got up this morning thinking Kieran didn't have school. He said his teaching assistant had told him Monday was a teacher training day. Seems that was wrong as 8:37am approached and what should be outside waiting for him but a bus to take him to school.
Here I am in my dressing gown and wigless standing on the front doorstep telling the driver I would take Kieran to school..... How embarrasing!!!
Kieran got ready and sorted for school, I got myself sorted out too and off we went.
On the way back from dropping him off I popped into the bed shop where I bought my single bed 2 years ago. It is so comfortable, I need a double bed for my new bedroom. I was thrilled to find they have the same mattress in a double that I have. I am so excited now, my bed will be in the store next week so it will be wheels in motion to sort out our rooms.
After the bed shop I went into town to meet my friend, Carolyn. It was lovely to see her and catch up on what has been happening since the last time we met.
I am still feeling a little delicate but managed to get about alright. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Dr and will get another sick note. One day I will get back to work!!!

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