Sunday, 23 October 2011

Friday night fun.

Booo!!!! lol x x This is a SPOOKY one.
Rachel and Claire.
Saucy Claire.
On the Wii with chrissy.
Avis the witch.

Claire after her glamorous make x x
Claire and Chrissy.

Kieran went to his dad's after school on Friday. Siobhan was a way in Brighton and Rich in Ireland so it's just me and the cats.
Mmmm .... what to do....... My friend, Claire invited me to a halloween party. I lent my friend Chrissy my corpse bride dress and I wore my zombie bride one. I went to Chrissy's to get ready. Make up on, all dressed and off we went, hoping we weren't going to be stopped by anyone and have to get out of the x x
We had a good night, played on the wii, had some nibbles and a chat and trying on some of my fun wigs, all good fun.
I dropped everyone home and got back to Stork who was waiting outside for me. The cats haven't been left on their own in the house before so they were very nervous.
I fed them and settled down for bed after having a good night of fun.

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