Monday, 3 October 2011

Great weekend.

I met Suzie who has peritoneal mesothelioma. Such a lovely lady who has a wonderful family behind her.
Kimberley (June Hancock fund), Suzie and I.
Chris Knighton and I.
Mavis Nye, Steve Wride and I, their blogs are on my website.
Linda and friend.
Pam and Lise doing the exercises at the conference : )

Friday I went off to London to meet with my warrior friends and join them in the 6th Mesothelioma UK conference on Saturday. It has been a really great weekend. I met the inspiring people who are the warriors. Brilliant time afterwards with some wonderful people.
The meeting itself was very uplifting, Dr Jeremy Steele talked a lot about trials and what work they were doing for patients. It was so good to hear about this. It looks like Mesothelioma treatments are growing.

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