Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Great weekend.

I seemed to spend most of my weekend with Chrissy this week. I went over to her place on Sunday and had a lovely roast with her.
Before I went, I picked Siobhan up from Plymouth railway station and took her and her boyfriend back to our house.
Kieran came be back later, he is with his dad.
Yesterday I had an appointment at my Dr's surgery about the print out of information that had been sent to the hospital.
I saw the practice manager and was disappointed to hear her tell me that I did know about the kidney issue. I told her again that I knew nothing about it.
I have composed a letter to the surgery and will hopefully get some resolution from it.
I have been sorting out the cupboards, we will only have 1 single bed now and Kieran has new bedding to celebrate having his new room. I have got rid of the old single sets to the charity shops and the old pillows and cushions with a few odd sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers to Gables Farm cats and dogs home. I want to get as much sorted out as I can a I will be in hospital on Thursday. I will be having a pre-eviction lunch tomorrow with Linda and Steve Wride who also have a mesothelioma blog. It will be great to see them again.

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