Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Here we go ... 2..3..4....

..... Gggrrrr..... had the washing machine paddles put on yesterday after waiting a week for an engineer. Happily getting on top of a weeks worth of washing and ...... whoop de dooo..... off comes a new paddle.
I am so cross, Called Comet....yes ..... COMET!!!! ....... to tell them I need an enginerr again after waiting a week for one to come out and ...hay...ho... I have to wait till 23rd of October!!!! I think not Comet.
After 2 phone calls and being passed to a department that doesn't deal with my issue and back to the previous department, I got through to a guy who seemed more helpful. I am on a cancellations list. Still not good enough.
I will call up on Friday if I hear nothing and will see what is going on. How can they expect someone to wait nearly 2 weeks. They were quick enough to take over £200 for a 5 year warranty policy. Maybe I should have made them wait 2 weeks!!

I had a lovely lunch in town with my friends, Carolyn and Tina and it gets spoilt by this.
Well, they had better sort it...or else..... escalations here I come!!!

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