Monday, 3 October 2011

Jeremy Steele.

Dr Jeremy Steele is based at Barts hospital, London.
He spoke and explained very well about the ADAM trial and made it easy to understand.
It all starts with genes that have gone wrong. These genes are inherited or made wrong by asbestos fibres.
The inherited gene is an abnormality and if the patient is tested positive for this gene they are not suitable for the trial. If the gene is changed by asbestos fibres then the ADAM trial can be an option. The patient would have to be ASS1 negative to go on the trial (ADI PEG20). There is a trojan horse effect with this trial, the stem cells home towards the cancer cells and educates the cancer cells to commit suicide.

The SKOPOS trial is only present in Wales at the moment. This treatment involves having 2 Troavx cancer vaccines before chemo, 2 weeks apart. A course of chemotherapy for 4 weeks with a vaccine every week and 4 vaccines after chemo. This isn't available in England yet but it is worth asking the local PCT to fund it.
I hope it comes to England very soon as there are a lot of people who would be willing to try this.

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