Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lovely day.

The little meso tree with its weedy friends.
A white feather caught in the branches.
Me doing my best pose : )
Heather and I, Heather is a beautiful and tall lady and makes me look very short, not hard to do : )

I went in town today with Rich and met Siobhan and her boyfriend in there. We went into a local pub for lunch and a little voice behind me said "hello Debbie". There sat all on her lonesome was my friend Carolyn. We had a natter while we ordered our lunch. Siobhan's lunch wasn't that grand but the pub gave us the money back.
After having lunch and saying goodbye to Carolyn, I caught up on what I needed to do. I am going to the theatre with Carolyn on Saturday to see 'top hat'. I bought some bling to wear, should be a good night.
I got home and then received a text from Heather, a meso warrior who had lost her brother. Me, chemo brain, had forgotten I had arranged to meet her at Saltram. I told her I would be 10 minutes. It was great to meet her and chat about our experiences. I showed her the little meso tree that is now covered in weeds, poor thing. It was a lovely afternoon and having a coffee and chat with Heather was wonderful. Such a shame I meet all these amazing people through such a devastating disease.
It was good to hear from my friend, Mavis, who was starting a meso trial today. She was very nervous before going but very upbeat when she got back. Good luck Mavis, I am sure you will do well, meso knows better than to mess with you!! : )
Good luck also to Andrea's dad who was having treatment today. Hope all goes well for both of you x x x

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