Sunday, 30 October 2011

Naughty kitty's!!!

I spent the night in the house on my own last night. Siobhan is at her boyfriends place and Kieran with his dad. Stork and Amber were terrible. I was woken up about 3 times over the night by meowing, Amber misses Siobhan when she is away. Not satified with just meowing, she started fighting with Stork. To top it all she then started to dig at my bed. Eventually they settled down. I woke up at 10:47 am with 2 very tired kitties curled up on my bed. I bet they are snuggled down somewhere now, getting ready for tonights frolicks!!

I am feeling much better today, Not so much pain. I took pain killers on the first day I was home and haven't taken anymore as I didn't feel I needed them. I had fantastic pain relief in hospital that helped.
Kieran is back home today so I will be looking forward to spending time with him. Next project is to get our rooms sorted out so I can get a new bed and settle into the master bedroom at last : )

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