Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pre-assessment for gall stones

Getting all the checks done at the hospital yesterday.

Mick and Keith are getting nervous. They are getting really close to being evicted.
I am off to Derriford hospital today for my pre-assessment to the surgery next week.
I am in much better shape than I was in March. Kieran has his dental appointment first, then its off to school with him and hospital for me....must go....will be back later....bye!!!

Well....what a morning!!! The dentist was late making me late for hospital. I got Kieran into school and got to hospital for 10:50 for my 10:30 appointment.
The Dr started to do the examination and then mentioned about me having chronic kidney disease stage 3??? this was news to me. When checking the print out from my GP's, I had been diagnosed with it on 16th March 2010. I have never been informed of this and as I have had chemo since, it may have changed how I looked at it. I am feeling very well so am not too concerned at the moment. I was more annoyed that I wasn't told. There was another discrepancy on the print out and that was that I had had a cystoscopy which is an endoscopy for the urinary tract. I was taken back by this as I have never had that done. I went to my GP's surgery to query all this as I was unsure about what I was reading and was worried that someone elses details may be on my notes. The cystoscopy was a mistake, it should have said endoscopy. The stage 3 kidney failure is mine so I will now have to think about how I tackle Theo. I am hoping that he has settled down for a very long time, I am coming up to my 5th anniversary of finding Theo, I want to get into double figures.... come on Theo, we can do this!!!!

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