Monday, 17 October 2011

Saturday night fun.

My friend Carolyn and I dressed up in our bling to go and see 'Top Hat' in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Tom Chambers was supposed to be playing the lead but a he got a back injury through the routine, he stepped out and his understudy, Jason Winter, was in his place.
We weren't disappointed, it was wonderful. Irving Berlin's beautiful music with the dance routines was lovely. It could have been Fred and Ginger tip tapping on the stage.

Yesterday I felt quite sad, I was missing Rich like crazy. I wasn't too bad until I did our Sunday roast and I realised I didn't have to peel as much veg. I had a cry, so silly I know, I miss him so much. He seems to be happy and I know Kerri, his girlfriend, is. He is now in Ireland with an instant family. Kerri has 2 little girls. I am sure they will have a great life together. My next goal is to go to Ireland and see him. I am looking forward to that one x x

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