Sunday, 23 October 2011


Trying on hats with Chrissy, I bought some too...couldn't resist them.

I was going to have an Ann Summer's party this evening but as only one person was going to come along, it seemed a little silly so I cancelled it.
Instead I met up with Chrissy and we went to the Broadway, Plymstock, Plymouth to search out some charity shops. We had great fun, tried on some hats, some of which I purchased.
We had a coffe and a toasted tea cake and then went back to Chrissy's to sort out our treasures. We thought we would go to the cinema this eveing and decided on seeing 'paranormal activity 3'.
Well...what a palaver!!
I was so nervous, I am not a fan of horror movies anyway. I like the old hammer house of horror ones and thats it.
I watched some of the film, the rest I had my eyes covered. Chrissy was sitting nect to me and sayiong, "oh what was that"...."somethings moving!" and much more along those lines. So I had a running cometary anyway. When it went quiet, we anticipated that something was going to shock us ... lol... it did, Chrissy let out a really loud scream, so funny. she did that about 3 times through out the film. I am still peeping through my fingers, such a coward I am.
After watching the film, we went for a curry and then headed back to Chrissy's for a last cuppa before I went home.
We were both in our houses on our own, I think she was more scared than I was as she had seen all the film. I said I didn't want to leave Storkie as he is so nervous but invited Chriisy to stay if she wanted too. I think she might have had a night like I had. Trying to persudae myself to go to the bathroom, in the dark.... getting there and coming out as quickly as I could before some evil ghoul got me : ) I think a broke the land speed record getting back to my bedroom.
Siobhan is back home today, not sure when Kieran is back but it will be good to see them. It has been nice having the house to myself but the weekend was long enough.

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