Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sorting out.

I had a day of sorting out Rich and Kieran's room and my room. Rich has been packing, ready to go to Ireland on Saturday : ( My baby is leaving home. I will miss him so much but know he is only a plane ride away. I am going with him to Bristol on Saturday. His dad is taking him and has agreed that I can go to. Siobhan has been finding it very hard to deal with. They are so close, he was so poorly when he was born and she was there helping out from the start. I can remember when Rich used to choke on his food and Siobhan would run to the bin to take the lid off as it was quicker to make him sick there than to rush up to the bathroom. They will miss each other very much.
We are about to open a new chapter, I hope it is filled with love, luck and happiness for Rich. Love you baby and always will x x x

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