Wednesday, 5 October 2011

South West Mesothelioma Support Group Meeting.

Don't the months go by so quickly, it doesn't seem that long ago we had the last meeting. I am looking forward to seeing George and find out how his event went. I am sure he did well, I was disappointed not to go but it clashed with the Mesothelioma UK meeting which is such a shame. The meeting starts at 11:30 am in the mustard tree, Derriford hospital.

Yesterday was a busy catch up day. I met with my friend, Tina for breakfast, Mandy for lunch and Richard from the National Asbestos Helpline for a meal in the evening. We discussed a lot last noight about setting up a charity in Plymouth for all asbestos illnesses, this includes pleural plaque which is so often forgetten. As this is what my dad suffered with, it is very close to my heart and I will be proud to be a part of it in his memory.

Mick and Keith (My Gall Stones) have been a real nuisance this morning, I still haven't heard from the hospital aboiut removing them. I hope I hear soon.

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