Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bed here tomorrow!!

I have got the SKY box fixed up in my room now. My bed will be here tomorrow, I am so excited about the weekend and snuggling into my room at last.
Kieran has seen I am selling things on ebay and has kindly given me a mountain of CDs and Games he wants to sell, thanks Bean!!!
I have my scan date now, it is next Wednesday, 16th November. My friend, Wendy is coming with me.
The results will probably be the week after, CT blues may pay a visit, yuk!!!
I am not doing much today, catching up on a bit of housework. I have to go shopping next week and pick up a couple of secret santa presents. Kieran has to get his too, he has decided what he wants to get so I will have to check that the person concerned doesn't have it already. : )
Bean is a lot better today, he said he had a sore back again, I gave him some paracetomal and he went off to school. He is so eager for his new game to arrive, I think that is the draw to stay home.

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