Saturday, 26 November 2011

Catching up on the blog.

At Chrissy's place and all ready to go to Glasgow.
Exeter and a very aptly named place for 2 'ol birds who can't find their way to Exeter airport : )
Exeter Airport, waiting for lift off.
At Glasgow Airport.
Aahhhh..... in Glasgow and having a well earned cuppa.
Parsnip and apple soup for lunch.
Meeting warrior Elizabeth, such a lovely lady.

Chocolates from Elizabeth, yum yum !!!!

The Christmas lights at Hambleys toy shop.
Chrissy looking for a camel hair x x
My lovely friend and I.
Girls night in, bag of chips and a Lambrini. we go....this is the diary of events from Wednesday to Friday, so many pictures and so much fun. The few days were fabulous.
I got Kieran off to school Wednesday morning and then made my way to my friend, Chrissie's place. We had a coffee and a chat and then made our way to Chrissy's car. We were traveling to Exeter to catch a plane to Glasgow for the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses.
I had been invited to speak and was very excited.
All the fun began as we got to Exeter and lost our way to the airport... D'oh, we eventually got on the right road after I put my SAT NAV on on my phone and it took us round a roundabout a few times. We made the plane in time. A nervous Chrissy, sweaty palms and all, doesn't like flying that much. Taking off and landing are her worst fears. She caught hold my hand and I am glad to say we made it safely to Glasgow.
The hotel room was lovely, 2 double beds!!
We met Elizabeth, a lady who had lost her husband, in the foyer of the hotel. she was so sweet, she brought me a huge box of chocolates, biggest I have ever seen I think. We had a drink and a chat and Elizabeth said her goodbyes, not before telling us she had a caravan that we were welcome to use next year, so kind.
Chrissy and I decided we would explore a little of Glasgow. We walked around and found a Hambley's toy shop, market stalls and many more things that caught our eye. We wandered about for a couple of hours and then decided we would get something to eat. We settled on a good old fish supper, fish and chips to you and me : )
We went into the chip shop and Chrissy asked for a piece of fish with not much batter on it. The lady behind the counter looked at her boss and with a strong Scottish accent, started to laugh.
"Have you got one with not much batter" she said, laughing as she did. The boss started chattering on in Scottish, not a happy bunny. something to the effect of they are all the same I think. All that came to my mind was Rab C Nesbit and Mary hen..... so funny, it made us smile.
With my chips under my coat and a pickled egg in my hand, we walked up to a Tescos store, we need a little drink to go with it... we chose Lambrini, so we were all set. We went back to the hotel room and ate our meal...well Chrissy had ate all hers on the way, it was delicious.
We chatted away for a while before eventually getting to sleep, tomorrow is a busy day, we have a lot to do.

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