Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas tree up today.

Me doing my Uncle Fetser impression. Can you spot the imposter?

My tree, bought in 2007, it has become one of my many challenges to see it up and ready for Christmas.

I bleached my hair on Friday, I am fed up with seeing the grey, it's not me. I am going to colour is when it gets a bit longer. Until then I will be doing my very best Uncle Fester impersonation : )

Yesterday was lovely. I was busy during the day with sorting out the bedrooms and then in the afternoon I went to my friend Jayne's house for tea and met my other friend Chrissy there. I had a lovely roast. I only have the veggies and it was delicious. We had a lovely cake afterwards that was baked by Jayne's friend Cheryl.
After the meal I picked Kieran up from his dads and made our way home.
It is getting very cold outside so the heating is on and my heated sheet will be on at bedtime.

Today I have been home all day, I got the house a little tidier and put up my Christmas tree. I know there are a lot of people out there who don't look forward to Christmas as they have lost their loved ones. My tree is one of my challenges. I bought it in the January of 2007. I was determined to put the tree up in October/November time to mark the anniversary of my diagnosis. On the 13th November I will reach my 5th year, It is my celebration.
I am sending to love all those that this season hurts so much.

Christmas was my dads favourite time of the year. He enjoyed singing kareoke and making mince pies. I have some great memories which I carry in my heart every day.

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