Saturday, 26 November 2011

Coming home after a great few days.

On the plane ready to come home.
Guess who is waiting for me to come home : )
Fish and chips in Tavistock.
We found another man in a kilt.
Chrissy and I with a chimney sweep.
A lovely lady on stilts.
Dickensian characters in Tavistock.
A human fruit machine, so much fun.
A Christmas tree festival was in the church, we checked a few out.

Candles lit in the church to remember loved ones.

Chrissy and I were up early to have breakfast and pack to get ready to leave Glasgow. We both said we would like to have stayed a bit longer.
We left the hotel after saying goodbye to Dawn and made our way to the airport. Chrissy was nervous again, she has done so well to cope with the flying the way she has. We went to check in were a woman decided she would jump the queue as we were taking off our coats and boots.
There wasn't an officer at the desk to put things through the scanner so she didn't get any further, we made sure she heard that we thought she was very rude. Her husband stayed were he was, think he was petrified of us. When we did put our things through, the man watching the screen pulled my chocolates back through and told us that for some reason there were some missing, so good to have a bit of fun with the security team, they are usually so serious. We got sorted out and ready to leave when we spotted the queue jumper who had a pair of scissors taken from her bag and was still waiting to go. We made sure she heard us say "ooohh look at us, all finished". Some people are so rude.
We then got on the plane and went back to Exeter, Chrissy's sweaty palms and all : )
We had lunch in Exeter and then drove back home to unpack and relax. We met up again later as there was a Dickensian style Christmas fayre in Tavistock, Devon. It was great to be back home again and see Siobhan and Kieran. Kieran was so good while I was away, he even triend making his own cheese sandwhich, even cutting the cheese. He had a McDonalds meal as a treat, I told him I was pleased to see he had done so well. Well done Bean x x
I spoke to Siobhan about the pony's I saw, she already had the one I bought her but will put it back as a collectors item.

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