Wednesday, 16 November 2011

CT scan and more.

The lovely CT juice I have to drink before my scan...yuk!

Very comfy on the scanner bed.

Kirsten, one of the radioligists I saw today, thank you both for looking after me.
Seagulls, greedy ones, well one greedy one. The photo above shows an eyeless seagull, he was trying to swallow a whole slice of bread before his mate got it.
I have a friend, Jan, who has a seagull called Mr Gordon who visits her. He comes in her house and sits on the sofa. Every time I see seagulls they remind me of Jan and her Mr Gordon.
This seagull managed to swallow that whole slice, greedy boy!!!
Sam and I, thankyou for lunch honey x x

I met my friend Wendy at the hospital this morning. It was good to see her and chat about what we have been doing. I had to drink a contrast drink, it wasn't too bad, tastes a little like orange with a little chalk on the side.
When I was called to the scanner i was led, as usual, outside to a very large lorry that contained all the equipment. 2 lovely people were there to greet me, they are always very kind and helpful. I got changed into my glorious hospital gown and laid on the scanner bed.
I had more contrast dye injected into my arm, this gives a very warm sensation.
After it was all done, it only takes a couple of minutes, I was helped up and went to get changed back into my clothes. I asked if I could have some pictures taken, this was fine so I have got my first ever pics of me on the scanner.

After the scan, I dropped Wendy back home as she had walked to the hospital. I then went home breifly to drop off some stuff and then out into town to meet Sam. I met Sam through mtual friends, her dad has oesophageal cancer and she was looking around for alternatives. She had some great news recently, her dad's cancer has receded and his prognosis is good, better than he was first told. We have been chatting on the internet for a while but never met, this was a first as well. It was lovely to see Sam and chat about how we feel about cancer. She bought me lunch which was so kind. I know we will be seeing each other again and I am so pleased to hear her dads good news.

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