Sunday, 27 November 2011

A day in the life of Stork and Amber.

Good morning blog readers. Todays tale is from Amber and myself, Mr Stork. Here I am woken from my slumber by the noise of that Amber cat yelling for her breakfast. My mummy and I were having a lovely cuddle, now she has to go get get her food. I stayed in bed and relaxed and washed. I will venture down soon.
And here she is, Amber, waiting for breakfast. I am not like her, I sit and wait. She is persistant, well, saves me doing it!!
Yummy breakfast...mmmmm !!
Breakfast was delicious, we were going to settle for a sleep but we heard some noises and went to investigate.
What can it be!!!

oh, it's mummy, wrapping Lacey-Mae's present. We said we would help, don't think mummy wanted Amber to though as she kept saying get off the paper...naughty Amber.

Time to play, I am so clever and handsome, not like some little scamps.
More food, yummy!!
It is such a hard life being a cat, time for a nap I think.
Goodnight all, we have had a great day........ meow-ve over Amber!!!

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