Saturday, 12 November 2011

Good morning from my new bedroom and bed : )

Stork's new bed : )

I had a lovely night in my bed. I had some fun with my facebook friends. I decided to take some pictures of me sat in my bed. I put the timer on the camera and made a mad scramble back before the 10 seconds was funny.
Stork was like a Prince. I am sure he thinks all this hard work was all for him, he made himself comfortable right in the middle of the bed.
Sometimes I think he thinks he is my partner.
I was woken up this morning with Stork and Amber running around my bed, because it isn't quite against the wall, they found that they could play hide and seek by running around the whole bed.
Naughty kitties!!!
Kieran loved his new room too, he is off to his dad's today till tomorrow.
I am going to the cinma tonight and I am NEVER seeing another horror film because I am a wimp!
I think we are seeing the new film about Marilyn Monroe, should be a good night.

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