Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lovely day yesterday.

I went to Tavistock with my friend, Mandy, yesterday. The rain kept off which was good. We had a quiet amble around the shops. I bought 2 lovely Christmas tree baubles. They had mistletoe painted on them. I don't often see mistletoe on decs so this was lovely. I have decided to go with the woodland theme for my tree this year. I have a couple of friends who I bought in homebase that inspired me to have that theme.
Today is Ronny's celebration day. Her family will be saying their goodbyes to her and it will be a very hard day for them. I would love to be there but it is a big journey after an operation and I know Ronny would tell me not to go and to look after myself. I will definetly pay a visit to her family.

Goodbye my lovely friend, I will miss you but will never, ever forget you. you will always be on my shoulder no matter where I go x x x x

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