Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lovely surprise today.

I went out this morning, took Siobhan to her class, she is learning about business management.
I then went in town to meet my friend, Carolyn for coffee, in Thorntons of course.
On the way back from there the rain hammered down.
I went to my friend, Mary's to help her with her room. Left there to pick Siobhan up from her course and came home.
What a wonderful surprise when I walked in the door. A lovely bouquet of flowers from the nurses at the Glasgow talk.
Chrissy and I had had a lovely weekend, hotel and flights all paid for, that was more that thanks enough.
Beautiful flowers, doesn't take much to make me smile : )
I have my CT results tomorrow, I am hoping for good ones. I have been feeling really well, better than I have in a long time, hoping to go back to work very soon, I hope the results emulate how I have been feeling. I am very nervous, less to go through than some of my warrior friends though.

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