Friday, 11 November 2011

One bed in situ.

My bed was delivered around 2:45pm this afternoon, the weather is awful. The delivery guys were a little grumpy and who can blame them. This weather is awful, it hasn't stopped raining. While they were delivering the bed, Siobhan rang and asked for a lift home. The delivery men left and I jumped in my car to pick Siobhan up. Not far, about 5 minutes away and is better than her getting soaked through in this awful weather.
When I got back, we fitted the bed together and I got my bedding ready to put on....oh no!!!!.... they forgot to leave the pillows!
I called the bed shop and was told that they had none in stock and mine were probably still on the lorry. I would get a call back. 30 mins later I got a call.... they did have them on the lorry but they gave my pillows to someone else : (
I will have to wait till Wednesday for my pillows. Good job I have spares. I will miss them as they are memory foam ones but that is something to look forward to next week.
Bed is all fixed and ready for me to have a good nights sleep in my new bedroom with my new bed. I can spread out as much as I like tonight : )
I have waited for this room for 6 years, I will snuggle in and put on my TV with my SKY multi room and a nice hot drink with a touch of Rum in it, heaven : )

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