Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Phew....all done for another 3 months!!

Christmas shopping with Kieran.
The rainbow I saw while out and about this morning, are the angel warriors smiling on me today?

I had a lovely morning with Kieran, he helped with the rubbish, he put the bins out, he emptied the dish washer and helped me take some toys to a charity shop. He has been really good, well... he wants lovefilm back as he kicked off a couple of nights ago. He has made up for it now. I met my friend, Mandy for a coffee and a chat at the local garden centre. Kieran came with me as he has no school due to the latest teachers strike.
We picked out our secret santa presents. The warriors had a really successful one last year so we are doing it again this year : )
We then said goodbye to Mandy and went home to get some lunch.
I picked Siobhan up from her business class after lunch, she is doing so well...I am so very proud of her and what she has achieved so far.

After we got back, within 20 minutes it was time to go again, off to the hospital this time to see Dr D. I am petrified of what he is going to say but as I am feeling so very well, what can he say but all is good.
He told me about the growth in the right lung and that the left lung was stable, that was really good news. We discussed the treatment in Germany, there hasn't been a lot of change and fund raising at the moment wouldn't be right if the treatment had slowed down, saying that, it has been stable since February, which is great. I got a bit overwhelmed with it all and had a few tears in his room. Dr D is always very honest and has said that maybe I should consider Alimta in the UK. He says it would be better as everything is here and no traveling involved. I have till February to decide what to do. He advised me to talk to my friends and decide which route to take as I have choices. I told him I would ask my warrior friends, he smiled and made it clear that he knew who the warriors were.
At least I have Christmas in peace with Siobhan and Kieran, Rich will be in Ireland and will be missed so much this year.

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