Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quiet day today.

Not much going on today. I called my oncologist to make an appointment for a CT scan. I am quite enjoying being left alone and don't want to be fiddled with but I do know that I need to keep on top of what Theo is doing. He has been such a fabulous friend to me over the past month or so, I am still quietly confident that things are good but even feelinglike this won't change the CT blues when they start. Ian, one of my meso warrior friends called it scanxiety, quite a good word for how we feel I think.

Tomorrow is the South west mesothelioma support group in the mustard tree at Derriford hospital. It starts at 11:30. All are welcome to attend, it is a very uplifting meeting, no misery or sadness, just people who are linked to mesothelioma in various way helping each other.
I am looking forward to going to Glasgow on 23rd November. I am very much looking forward to meeting Irene who lost her lovely husband, Kay, this year. She emails me and tells me about all the things she has done and packs so much into her messages, so lovely to read.
I may be meeting some other people too, not sure yet. I am talking at the conference for the lung nurse. It is very exciting, lovely to see the medical profession taking an interst. the girls from mesothelioma UK have asked me to talk, they are a wonderful crowd and have been and are continuing to be a great inspiration and support to me.
Before all that happens, I will get my new bed, that is exciting too. I haven't had a proper bedroom since 2005. I am looking forward to it so much.

I have had phone calls from Richard, he is settled and happy in Ireland. I am looking forward to seeing him, maybe next year some time. I haven't met his lady yet or her little girls. I miss him and his hugs, I still have Kieran and Siobhan to hug although Kieran doesn't like giving many hugs so time for some nagging : )

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