Thursday, 3 November 2011

Remembering Ronny.

As Rita and I made our way to the little tree, there was a shower of rain and a rainbow appeared. How appropriate x x

Not only a rainbow but a whote feather too x x

Rita picked me up fro my house and we made our way to Saltram to visit the little meso tree and remember Veronica (Ronny) white. Such a gentle a beautiful lady. We had to put our brollys up as there was a small shower, as we made our way to the tree a rainbow appeared in the sky. We both looked at each other and smiled.
We got to the tree, we did have a few tears. Such a sad time for Ronny's family. The loss of such a beautiful person has hit us all so hard. Rita started to put flowers on the branches of the tree, as she was doing this, I noticed a white feather making to signs of a spirit being around.
After we remembered our lovely friend, we went into the cafe and had lunch. It was so lovely seeing Rita today, such a shame that it isn't under different circimstances. Never the less, it has been a good day. Sleep well Ronny, we will all miss you and love you so much. You will never be forgotten x x

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