Thursday, 17 November 2011

Saltram today with Anne and Jack.

Holly is out and looking very healthy.
Ronny's flowers are still in the tree from the last visit to Saltram.

The little meso tree looking out over the road and fields.
Flowers for Anita x x x
Anne and I.
Jack and I.
The gorgeous little tree that means so much to so many. Flowers left for Beveryley, Ronny and Anita.

Kieran nearly missed his school bus this morning. He was a bit slow getting ready and left the house as it started to pull away.
He was not a happy bunny this morning. I hope he cheers up later on as we are going in town to see the Christmas lights switched on. We will be having a meal out too.

Today I went to Saltram, on the way I posted off the old modem from Virgin. Good job I enquired about sending it back, there is a £55 charge if they aren't returned. I then went to the bed shop and picked up my pillows that had not been delivered.
After that it was off to Saltram for lunch with Anne and Jack. Anne lost her sister, Beverley, to mesothelioma. They are a lovely couple, Kieran loves Jack because Jack picks on me. I took some flowers with me and after lunch we all went to the meso tree to remember Beverley, Ronny and of course the lovely Anita who died last week. 3 beautiful and courageous ladies. x x

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