Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Today is the day!!!

I will find out this afternoon if the Prof's treatment I had in June and August has worked. I am so nervous and frightened at the moment. I really don't like these days. After 3 months of being left alone, it all comes crashing down and makes me feel as if I could cry every minute of the day.
I have so many wonderful words of support and love from the warriors, they are a fantastic group.
Mavis, who has just found out the meso trial didn't work for her, still has the time to wish me well. This shows just how courageous she and many others are.
I hope Theo has found it in his heart not to give me bad news. I am hoping he is giving me an extra special Christmas gift, a happy time with my children.

I am feeling so well at the moment that I can't think anything other than something good has happened but that little man is still niggling at me and making me think that I cannot be 100%.

My appointment is at 2:40 this afternoon. Siobhan and my friend, Wendy, are coming with me. I feel like I am going to burst into tears. I will try not too.
Will be glad when 3pm comes !!!!

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