Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tequila sunrise!!

Darren the diamond and his son at his garage yesterday, would have took some pics of Halo being fixed but silly me left my bag in the car with the camera in it. Halo was about 7 feet off the ground.
Omelette and chips at Arribas Mexican restaurant.
A sombrero we borrowed from the restaurant. It was beautifully designed and really heavy.
Raichard from the National Asbestos Helpline donning the sombrero.
All ready for my first Tequila !!!
I was so nervous, I thought my TOF my get in the way......
Down the hatch..... I was right, the TOF did get in the way. I coughed and spluttered after this.
Phew...I made it!!!

Such a dozey mare I am... had a beer last night, told Richard the glass tasted weird, bitter. I thought it was washing up liquid, we asked for another glass as there was a strange taste, turns out it was lime!!! I had asked for lime and didn't realise it was rubbed around the top of the glass.... D'oh!!!!

Jan's lovely gift : )

I have been so busy these last few days, I am hoping I remember all that has gone on.
Everything at the moment has gone out of my head, it is blank...old age is a comin'!!!!

I got Halo, my little car, sorted out today. My lovely mechanic fixed her exhaust pipe, she is now running like a dream. Thank you so much Darren, you really are a diamond!!
After the garage I went to help out my friend with her house again.
We cleared a load of stuff from her down stairs cupboard. She had a gold star today : )
It is so cold outside, I was off out again tonight to meet Richard from The National Asbestos Helpline. we went to a Mexican place this evening to talk about our plans for a new support charity in Plymouth which will include Pleural plaque victims. This is very close to my heart as it is what my dad had.

I got home to 2 lovely parcels, 1 from Mavis and Ray and one from Jan. They are such wonderful warriors. Jan's was gorgeous, a pair of dragonfly earrings and a beautiful little box to keep them in. I have to wait to open Mavis and Ray's ..... pooh !!!! Too excited !!!!
I met Richard this evening, he gave me a lovly little gift, a dragofly necklace, it is so very pretty, the stone has healing powers apparently....what a lovely thought.
I had a lovely meal of omelette and chips, not very Mexican I know but I don't like peppers and mushrooms, I am a very fussy vegetarian.
After the meal, I donned a Mexican hat and decided to try my first ever tequila. Never again!!!! My TOF got in the way and I ended up couging and spluttering rather than sucking on the lemon.... Should have known better but hey ho....another thing off the bucket list : )

I am looking forward to the get together at Saltram tomorrow. There will be coffee, tea and mincepies at £2:50 each and a chance to mingle with other warriors. If it isn't too cold we will visit the tree.

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