Friday, 16 December 2011

Cold wet and happy.

Ann and Pam.
Me with Ann.
Pam and I.
Ann and Bill's Christmas card they made to sell for the meso group.

The weather has turned very cold here, it is wet and miserable outside. I am not going to moan about it as there are many people who would love to have their loved ones here to moan about the weather.
I got a skirt from my cupboard and thought I would run the iron over it.....dopey sod I am.... I realised I was holding the food mixer!!
I went out to lunch today with Ann and Pam from our support group. I was late getting to the venue, Veneziana, an italian place in the city centre. Trying to find a parking space was terrible. I did get one in the end and eventually arrived at 12:45 rather that 12:30 as planned. All was good though, the ladies were chatting and said they were treating me to lunch as a surprise, how lovely is that. Ann gave me her last pack of cards, they had done so well to sell them in support of our group. Pam gave me a gift too, so kind of her, theres me just turning up with cards!!!
We had a good old natter, Pam is a sweetheart, she lost her husband a few months back and must be finding this time of year so difficult.
I left the ladies at about 2:40 and headed back for my car, I knew Siobhan was out so had to get back for Kieran. I got home only to find that I forgot to pick my keys up before I went out.... D'oh!!
I was in desperate need of the bathroom so calledf Tina, my lovely friend and asked if I could pop over and use her facilities. I met Kieran from his bus, who wasn't too happy with me as we couldn't get in so I told him he could stand in the cold and rain outside the house if he wanted to and I would see him later, He decided that he would rather come with me : )
I got to Tina's used her bathroom a nd had a cuppa and a natter. all I had to do was to wait for Siobhan to call and I would pick her up and then go home.
We got back and settled into our house, 3 cats watching us as we came in ........ Yes 3..... one is a stray who has made himself at home.
How dare we leave them so long : )

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