Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Crazy Christmas catchup!!

I have been very busy the last few days. Monday I met my friend Tina for lunch and we swapped gifts, yesterday it was my friend Mandy's turn and today a friend I met at Orange a few years ago.
In between I have been making sure I have all the gifts I need and am getting very excited about seeing Siobhan and Kieran's face Christmas day. I hope they love what I have got them. I will have to wait to hear from Rich, this will be the first one without one of my babies.
I hope he has a wonderful Christmas with his new family.
Tomorrow I have my asda delivery, just got that one as all the delivery slots were full apart from 2-3.
I did get the cats a Christmas gift each but Stork has decided he can't wait and has opened it already, wiht the help of Basil, the stray naughty they are.
I think I am already to go, if not it's too bad. Kieran's dad is coming to our house on Christmas day, he is on his own so it would be unfair not to invite him. He is bringing Kieran's present from him down to ours Christmas morning. Should be fun!!!

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