Sunday, 11 December 2011

Kieran's birthday treat.

All ready for the film.

Pizza hut had hats for the boys, none of them would wear them so, waste not want not : )

I was up around 10 this morning as I didn't get to bed till about 1:30 after a really good night with friends.
I got myself sorted out and went out to Chrissy's house, we went for lunch and did a little bit of shopping. I then dropped her in town, went home and met Kieran and his dad. We are taking
Kieran and 3 friends out to celebrate his birthday. He is going to see Puss in Boots 3D and then off for Pizza. I picked up Kieran's friend on the way to the cinema and we met the other 2 there.
Kieran's dad and I split the treat between us. It is Kieran's birthday on 19th December, as it is so close to Christmas we decided to do it now.
We watched the film and then made our way to the pizza place.
We enjoyed the evening with Kieran and his friends. After pizza it was time to take them all hone. We waited for 1 set of parents to pick up their child and then all piled into my little halo car and delivered the rest safely home to their mums and dads. I then dropped Kieran and his dad off at his place and came home....phew!!!....... another good evening in the bag : )

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