Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kieran's Christmas service.

My little boy in December 2006. The first Christmas I had with my new diagnosis. Kieran was 10 years old here.
Kieran and I in 2007, Christingle service at his school. 2nd year with Theo.
Theo's 3rd year and our Christmas service 2008 at Kieran's school.
The 4th year with Theo. December 2009, Kieran and I in the church were he had his service.
2010 and our 5th year with Theo. My boy is growing so fast.
This year, 2011, I am so proud of Kieran. Theo's 6th Christmas with us.

The meso tree, flowers are still there for Ronny and Anita.
No snowdrops yet.

The dragonfly sculture at Saltram pond.

I have been pleasantly busy today. I went to Kieran carol service at the local church with his school. He and his class were talking about Christmas around the world, Kieran had Germany.

Kieran's peice :

Germany : Froliche Weihnachten (Merry Christmas)

The children in Germany alos put their shoes outside in the hope they will get them filled with presents.
If the children are good they will have sweets and chocolate.
If they are bad then they might get slapped by St Nicholas' companiam Knecht Ruprecht (Knight Rupert)

Another class did bell ringing. When one child was introducing the bell ringing, he made the mistake of saying they would be singing a christams carol. A voice from the group corrected him " We are playing it you idiot". Some things never change.
After the service I had my normal picture taken with Kieran. He wasn't amused by this, think he feels too old for it all now. We went back to school were I had a cup of coffee and a mince pie.
I volunteered to help with the friends of the school, I am going to be the secretary so a pair of dark rimmed glasses and a snug little suit are in order : )
After the coffee I made my way to Gables farm, the local cats and dogs home and left 2 duvets and 2 blankets for them. I then went onto Saltram as it isn't farm from there. I paid my respects, to my lovely angel friends, at the meso tree and went in the cafe and had another coffee and a toated tea cake. Perfect on a cold winters day. I looked around the shop after that and when I came out, caught a slight glimpse of some wipsy snow, just a couple of tiny flakes. Is it on the way?
I got home as was greeted by 4 parcels, 2 are Christmas presents for friends and 2 are pressies for exciting.. !!! they are now under my tree.

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