Sunday, 4 December 2011

Maryann's party tonight.

The Birthday Girl : )

Maryann with Triple Soul, such a great band.
Its not easy being green : )
Don't get me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry : )

What a fun day I had today, I went out to meet some new warriors in our area, we will all be meeting at Saltram house for mincepies and coffee on Thursday. I came back and picked up Siobhan and David, we were going to B&Q for some art things for Siobhan. On the way there we heard clanking coming from the rear end of Halo, My car. When we got to B&Q I saw that the exhaust piepe was very loose. I called out Mr RAC who was very good, he arrived within 10-15 minutes. He put a connection on the exhaust so it wouldn't fall off, that was my fear, what would I do if my exhaust fell off and why does everything happen all at once. I have already had a new headlight fitted by Mr Bun, my mechanic. David, Siobhan's boyfriend changed the wind screen wipers for me. Now the exhaust!! I will also have to sort out her indicator on the right hand side as she sounds very excited about turning right. Her fan belt may be a little loose, she doesn't like the damp weather so squeaks a little when I pull away. Once she is warmed up she is fine but it does need looking at.

I got home and chilled out a bit before getting ready for Maryann's party. She was 40 on Thursday so I was looking forward to celebrating with her. Maryann had a lovely cake made by Amanda and Mark who made Siobhan's a few weeks ago. She had a soul group playing, Triple Soul, they were really good, they played for an hour and made Maryann feel very special.
She had bought some balloons for the children, Shrek ones that had a green LED light in them, Childish me decided to get one of the lights from a burst balloon and have some fun when I got home, hence the green face. A great end to a great weekend.
Kieran cam home from his dads today, he said he felt poorly, I told him there would be no xbox as he should rest if he is feeling ill and within minutes he said he felt 100% better, its a miracle!!! Back to school tomorrow !!

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