Thursday, 15 December 2011

Shopping in the rain : (

I went in town today to do a little bit of Christmas shopping, I have a few more to get. I got home and wrapped a few pressies for Rich, Kerri and the children.
I have sent Rich a parcel for his new family. It was lovely to buy things for the girls and for Kerri, his girlfriend.
I also sent a little package to Prof for his little girl. If not for Prof, I may not be here to celebrate another Christmas with my babies. A toy for his daughter is the least I can do.
The weather is appalling here, it is so wet and windy, last night it was awful. Today isn't much better. We do have it much better than a lot of people though, shouldn't moan : )
Kieran's last day at school tomorrow, he is off for the Christmas period. Will be pleased as he is being bullied again. I am hoping it gets sorted out and when he returns he can get on with his school term with no bullies.

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