Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Poor little car : (

Saltram, 10 am-12 am Filamore room.
South West Mesothelioma Support Group.
£2:50 pp for mince pies and coffee.

I took my Halo car to see my favourite mechanic yesterday. Halo has an exhaust pipe problem. She needs welding done so I will take her tomorrow. Darren, the main man, fixed her indicator as well as she seemed to get very excited about turning right.
I saw my friend Maryann, she had a fabulous time at her party. I am having a girls night at my place on Friday so have ordered some cakes.

Just a reminder, on Thursday there will be a social gathering at Saltram.
It will be help in the Filamore room.
There will be mincepies and coffee at a charge of £2:50 each person.
I will be good to see the South West warriors before Christmas.
I am going with my friend, Wendy, who lost her brother to mesothelioma.
I will of course be visiting the meso tree and remembering all those who deal with mesothelioma every day and those lost to it.

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