Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Remembering warriors throughout the year.

I lit my candles for all these lovely people and their families.

Carl Hoisington (Mesothelioma)Frank (Jane's dad) (Mesothelioma)
Matt (Ria's dad) (Mesothelioma)
Peter Hambly (Mesothelioma)
Geoff (Mesothelioma)
Kazik (Irene's Husband) (Mesothelioma)
Mike Caulfield (Angela and Tracey's dad) (Mesothelioma)
Rob Daley (Brain cancer)
Margaret Shelton (Breast cancer)
Alan Foot (Mesothelioma)
Alan Stafford (Mesothelioma)
Julie Bastian (Mesothelioma)
Veronica 'Ronny' White (Mesothelioma)
Becky Burchfield (Mesothelioma)
Anita Steiner (Mesothelioma)
David Phillips (Mesothelioma)
Rachel (Korea) (Mesothelioma)

If I have missed anyone off or got dates wrong, please let me know.

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